Why is the ‘Dodo’ bird, which became extinct many years ago, the most ‘stupid bird’?

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The Unknown Mystery of the Lost Dodo:

Dodo is the name of a wonderful bird that became extinct in the 16th century. They lived on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. They became extinct within a hundred years of the arrival of Dutch sailors on the island. As a result, many things about this wonderful bird remain unknown to man. Dodo was last seen in 182. There are currently no living dodo birds for research. However, its remains remain. The skeleton of this bird is preserved in a museum in Mauritius. Today Neverstable will say about this bird and how stupid they were and why that stupidity became the reason for their disappearance.

In 1596, the Dutch explorer Admiral Wiebrand van Warwijk’s expedition to Mauritius was the first to learn about the dodo. He named it ‘Waglovogen’ meaning an ungodly bird. They gave this name because of the bad taste of the meat of this bird. And he said that the blackbirds look like pigeons and doves. But there are many differences in shape and weight. They are three and a half feet in length and weigh about 20 kg.

Studies have shown that dodo birds attain adult size very quickly after hatching. Scientists said that their eggs hatched in August. During this time the trees of the island of Mauritius are full of different fruits. Dodo birds used to eat these fruits like gourmets and eat them. That is why the explorers who saw the activities of the dodo bird closely called this bird a gluttonous bird.

In the rainy season, after hatching from eggs, the birds would grow up quickly by eating extra food. From November to March, many storms and disasters hit Mauritius. At this time there is not much food on the island. This rapid growth of dodo birds is a strategy to survive in such a hostile environment. Dodo birds have had to wait several years for their offspring to reproduce, despite their rapid adult size. On the island of Mauritius, there were no birds of prey to feed on. So they used to spread the lineage without any fear.

The researchers also said that after laying eggs, the amount of minerals in the bones of dodo birds decreases, as a result of which old feathers fall off and new feathers grow in their bodies. Sailors of the 16th century said that the color of their feathers was black. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. Dodo feathers are gray-brown after birth, the researchers said. During the laying season, these feathers fall off and dark feathers grow.

Researchers also say that the bird became extinct less than 100 years after humans arrived on the island of Mauritius 350 years ago! Humans are the main cause of extinction. Dodo was a very stupid bird. There is a proverb in English ‘Deathlike Dodo’ meaning death like a fool. A death that the victim has no idea about. Dodo birds were not at all frightened when they saw people, but came to people with interest and crowded. So they become easy prey for human beings.

As mentioned earlier, eating this bird was disgusting. But the islanders of Mauritius have no choice but to eat them. Dodo birds used to nest in the ground and lay eggs so people could easily steal their eggs. Apart from the purpose of eating, the explorers used to kill the dodo birds indiscriminately whenever they saw them. The dodo bird was an easy target for any predator. People take dogs, cats, monkeys, pigs, rats, and other animals on ships to Mauritius. As a result, the island’s environment has become increasingly unsuitable for dodo birds. In an instant, the bird disappeared from the face of the earth forever.

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