Why Women Make Noise During Sex?

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If you are a male and often intercourse with your female partner, and are wondering why Women Make Noise During Sex, then you should read this article by Neverstable. The main reason in short is “Female sex sounds influence male ejaculation” Let’s explain the reason in details.

You may be disappointed if you think you can make women scream for pleasure in bed. It seems that women use moaning, sighing, and dirty talk to manipulate men’s ejaculatory behavior to their advantage. Researchers of the University of Central Lancashire and the University of Leeds investigated the phenomenon of making sex noises, or copulatory vocalization, and their relationship to orgasm in women. They surveyed 71 heterosexual, sexually active women between the ages of 18 and 48. They asked them when and what type of sexual activity they most often experienced an orgasm, such as oral sex, and if they made sounds while having sexual sex.

Researchers found that vocalizations reported by orgasms were not correlated with their own. Female orgasms are most common during foreplay. However, copulatory vocalizations of females were found to be more frequent before and concurrently with male ejaculation.

According to research, 66% of women use sex noises in order to speed up their partner’s climax. 66% of respondents reported making noises to accelerate their partner’s ejaculation. These reasons included boredom, fatigue, or discomfort. Surprisingly, 92% of respondents believed that vocalizations could boost self-esteem and 87% reported using them. The scientists believe that promoting male self-esteem can strengthen the couple’s bond, decrease the risk of emotional intimacy and abandonment, and result in continued access and protection.

Guys, don’t be concerned about manipulating behavior. The influence of female sex sounds on male ejaculation seems all-natural. The Barbary macaque is the only animal that can ejaculate when it hears sex sounds with the right intensity.

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